Services We offer to each subscriber

1. Taking pictures of your facilities, activities and products and post them on the application with your profile and what distinguishes you,

2. Declaration of the nursery ‘s or the club’ s status or club Open the registration and times of public holidays.

3. Sending a doctor to your clients’ homes for medical examination healthy fit with the possibility of sending a letter form examination for your customers to be filled in advance,

4. Sending the nursery ‘s supplies to your customers, or sending them to your list of requests So they can prepare them themselves.

5. Make a promotional advertisement as you choose “for 5 days on Instagram at a rate viewing between 12000 to 32000,

6. Display your advertisement on the start – up application for a full week as you specify later.”

7. Online payment with the service of sending the required documents to each member through the application,

8. Google maps link will be posted so your location can be known to the browsers.

9. Creating an advertising post and posting it on our page on Instagram when you join us.

10. Creating 2 advertising posts on our instagram page depending on the content and the timing that you specify during your time registering with us.